Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FW: PELU Working Committees

From Theo Wimberly:



Below you will find a list of initial committee assignments that I complied from last week's meeting.  Please review the list and make sure that I am accurate (there was some last minute switches that I may have missed). 


Also, there were several members who were unable to attend the last meeting.  Therefore, the co-Chairs are requesting that you review the list below, use the suggestions made by Andy Stack in his proposal (see attached), and let me know on which committees you would be interested in serving. 


The Committees should begin meeting and choose a facilitator and recorder as soon as you are able.  Our next overall task force meeting is scheduled for 2/28/08 at 5pm.    


Committee 1- educate the public about land use process and decisions

Bill Lewis, Cathy Hudson, Judy Fisher George, Deb Poquette, and Frank Mirabile 


Committee 2 - improve the General Plan, comprehensive zoning and regional issues

Susan Scheidt, Ada Louise Bohorfoush, Julia Mattis, Ron Schimel 


Committee 3 - improve the land use process in terms of piecemeal zoning, variances, planning board interaction, subdivision process, and the hearing examiner

Tim Sosinski, Brian England, Susan Scheidt, Bridget Mugane, Julia Mattis, Bill Erskine

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