Monday, February 4, 2008

Committee Structure

Task Force Members,

Now that our information sessions are wrapping up, we need to decide how to approach our task.Time is short. I suggest that we consider forming three committees as follows.

Committee 1 would investigate ways to improve information availability and ways to educate the public about land use process and decisions. They could address the issue of community associations.

Committee 2 would investigate ways to improve the General Plan, comprehensive zoning and regional issues.

Committee 3 would investigate ways to improve the land use process in terms of piecemeal zoning, variances, planning board interaction, subdivision process, and the hearing examiner.

Each committee would have 8 members. Each committee would have one representative from each council district. This would help insure a diverse body for each committee. We could give Bill & Howard a list of the committees in ranked order and they could determine the final committee make-up. Each committee would chose a chair and a recorder to keep track of discussions and decisions. Each committee could determine its meeting times. Committee meetings would be open to the entire task force and the public. Each committee would produce a report which summarizes their discussions, recommendations, and rationale for each recommendation.


Andy Stack

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