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Comp Lite Rezoning

PELU may want to ultimately recommend that all rezoning requests require public notice and a hearing. A case in point was the Comp Lite process in 2004 or 2005; this one-time process involved rezoning of over 20 parcels held back from the Comp Rezoning process. Apparently, it bypassed normal public hearing notice and process provisions and led to a firestorm from residents. It included a very large church/social services expansion in a residential neighborhood, and led to a referendum attempt. See the new correspondence below between HCCA, DPZ and two local leaders involved in Comp Lite, including Angie Beltram who started the referendum.

Bridget Mugane

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And to add just a brief addition to Angie's comment - the Church on St Johns lane NEVER came before the Route 40 task force. It seems counter-intuitive to maintain that DPZ modified the planning process to solicit input from a group that was never allowed to hear the proposal.

Ann Jones (I served as a co-chair of the Route 40 task force)

Angie Beltram wrote:
What really happened in CompLite is that the County Council, not only set aside Route 40 issues, but set aside other items throughout the county. The most egregious item was the Church on St. Johns Lane that was NEVER included during the Comprehensive Zoning cycle. That was illegal because the Bill stated that CompLite would RECONSIDER items that had already been considered in Comprehensive. The community was taken by surprise and 65 people attended the public hearing on it. However, after speaking with all of the members of the County Council, they were determined to REZONE the property when all other houses of worship are determined by "conditional use" and requires a quasi-judicial public hearing before the Hearing Examiner and must show plans, etc. effect, the Council took away DUE PROCESS from the residential community. There is only one Church in the county similar to this situation and Rev. Dowell has experienced this power of government. There were other problems with CompLite and with Comprehensive Zoning that has now come to light. Maybe, HCCA would sponsor a meeting to show where land uses were changed when there are no requirement of signs of location, specific notification, etc.-----Original Message-----From:[]On Behalf Of Kimberley FlowersSent: Friday, February 01, 2008 10:34 AMTo: howard-citizen@yahoogroups.comSubject: Re: [howard-citizen] Land Use Task Force MeetingsHi Bridget,I apologize for the delayed response to your email message answeringMs. Beltram’s inquiry about Marsha’s presentation. However, it isimportant to clarify your understanding of Marsha's statements about theCompLite process, as communicated at the PELU Taskforce meeting ofJanuary 24th. Marsha made it clear that DPZ only requested deferral ofRoute 40 property owner requests because the Route 40 Taskforce neededto complete its report before the Council acted. She also explainedthat she and DPZ staff have spent considerable time developing ways inwhich the process can be improved for the future.With regard to the "one-time regulation, permitting CompLite", theOffice of Law has requested that Municode make certain that it isdeleted.As always, if you have questions regarding this matter, please feelfree to contact me.Best,Kim FlowersKimberley Amprey FlowersDeputy DirectorDepartment of Planning and ZoningHoward County Government410-313-4340 Direct410-313-3042 Fax

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