Friday, January 18, 2008

Public Engagement in Land Use (PELU) Task Force Meeting January 29th, 2008


Dear Ms. CitaraManis, Mr. Grabowski, Ms. Dombrowski, Mr. Rosenbaum, and Mr. Alexander:


As you may be aware, the County Council recently passed County Resolution CR 132-2007 authorizing the creation of a citizens task force to study and report on the opportunities for public engagement in the county land use process.  Howard Weinstein and I have been designated as Co-Chairs of the PELU task force.  To date, the task force has met on three occasions.  The purpose of these initial meetings has been to educate our members about the existing processes and opportunities for public engagement in the land use process.  Mina Hilsenrath has spoken to our group and provided valuable incite into the process of updating the General Plan.  Marsha McLaughlin also spoke to our group and explained the processes related to Comprehensive Zoning and Piecemeal Rezoning.


During our most recent task force meeting the members requested Co-Chair Weinstein and I to invite the members of the Planning Board to attend our January 29th, 2008 meeting.  The task force members would be very interested in having an open discussion with members of the Planning Board in order to gain a perspective of how members of the public can effectively participate in the public land use process.  Our task force members are interested in having a discussion about the general processes of land use planning and understand that it would not be appropriate for Planning Board members to discuss any particular case that has or may come before the Planning Board.  With this in mind, we would like to extend an invitation to each member of the Planning Board to attend our January 29th meeting.  Our meeting will be held in the Ellicott Room and will begin at 4 pm and will end at 6 pm.


If January 29th is not convenient for you, please let us know and we can make arrangements to reschedule our agenda.  Thank you very much.  We hope you will be able to participate.





William E. Erskine, Co-Chair

Howard Weinstein, Co-Chair



For more information about the PELU Task Force please visit the county website.



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