Monday, January 28, 2008

1. Signs on all driveable sides of a project. Signage should be visible on all potential sides of property so that people driving by can see when driving by.

2. A long time ago, DPZ sent out letters whenever something happened with a project, but this is no longer seems to be the case

3. Public participation should be allowed at any time during a development process – and weight should be given to resident testimony – they know more about traffic issues than traffic engineers.

4. Presubmission public meetings are essential and should be required. A developer presented his project to the community and as residents, we were able to see what was planned, and also give some helpful ideas of what would be important to his future residents and a nice selling point.

5. Better follow up for residents who attend hearings, ie, if a project goes to the Board of Appeals, any resident who testified at the hearings should be given notice of any action on the project they testified at.

6. Website has been improved, but its still difficult navigating thru the years of projects. Could confuse people

7. Let people submit testimony via written or email.

8. I recently stumbled upon what happens when DPZ and development are not logically (parcel by parcel) tracked in the various phases of development. Now we have a miserable driving experience, its frustrating and now there’s nothing that can be done.

9. What happens when the general plan does NOT account for future projects? A developer said any raw land, he sees at potential development, does the County?

10. Would like to see friendlier zoning potential for small businesses, esp. along Rt. 1, Rt 40.

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