Friday, April 4, 2008

Katherine,  if you would like to comment on the potential recommendations, please feel free.  A lot of task force members have had great difficulty attending a lot of the meetings.  If your schedule permits, feel free to jump back in.  We have a public forum on April 10 if you can make it.





William E. Erskine, Esquire

Reese & Carney LLP

10715 Charter Drive, Suite 200

Columbia, Maryland 21044

(Office) 410-740-4600

(Fax) 410-730-7729

(Cell) 443-864-8844

Email: WEE



Katherine L. Taylor said...

Will do! Thanks for the suggestion.

JessieX said...

Hi Bill,

Your blog (even in it's state of not being active) is listed on, but we don't have a contact email for you. (I think you submitted your blog before we'd added that field.) We have parties, workshops and ways for people to get more local readers, if you'd like to get that info. Email jessie@hocoblogs with your blog name, URL and email address. Oh, and if you know any individuals, businesses or organizations located in Howard County that have blogs, I'd be most grateful if you'd encourage them to submit their blogs, too.